Crna Gora, Montenegro — they are all names for one and the same small country on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. They truely call Montenegro — Adriatic pearl. Rich subtropical vegetation along the coastal strip gives place to mixed and coniferoks woods in the mountains. You may visit three climatic zones on one day — ski down the hills of Kolashin and Zabljak, get info late fall in Cetinje and watch evergreen subtropics on the Herceg Novi coast.

There are narrow sandy and pebble beaches, the Long Beach stretching out over 13 km, the most beautiful Kotor bay with emerald waters and cutling info the sea mountains, covered with dense forests. Durmitor and Lovchen national parks, the biggest in Europe the Skadar Lake, the deepest canyon in Europe (the second after the Grand Canyon in US) — all these are Montenegro!

Among the natural beauty of the seaside, just like rare oases, there are scattered about small towns and villages, showing harmonions combinationof traditional mediterranean architecture, modern complexes and villas, as well as ordinary, unpretentions private houses. Mild climate, quiet and relaxing atmosphere create special mood among caming people who get absorbed by leisurely pastime. So every holiday-maker will find activity to his liking — from doing nothing at all on the beach and numerous excursion — to hiking tours in the mountains, fishing in lakes or rafting in the river Tara.

Chernogorya is splendid in any season. Those who like hot sun and worm sea will be rowarded from May to October. Those who admire strolling along solitary coastal strip in the fresh air will enjoy loneliness from October to May, when there are not so many tourists here.

You could talk about Chernogorya for hours on and, yet it is better to go and see yourself that it is one of the most magnificent places on the earth!

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